University is tough…

Hello! 2nd semester has just begun at my University and I’ve had my first day this semester. It’s not easy, when all week is scheduled by 4-5 lectures per day. And it’s also quite fascinating how I could manage to get Math, Chemistry, IT programming, Computer drawing, English language and Physics at the same time and in one semester. Everything will require a lot of job done and it’s tough. Especially for me because I’m lazy as a man can be… For sure… No doubts about that… At all…

I’ll keep you guys/girls updated about how it goes, but for now that’s it. I have to go buy some food. Living alone in a big town is not an easy task when my mom used to make me lots of food at home 😦

     C ya soon! 



My main faculty – Chemistry Faculty. 


About Aidas

College freshman, blogger, open-minded person.
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2 Responses to University is tough…

  1. Joseph Joestar says:

    Good luck! 6 subjects is hard to take, but not impossible.


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