How To Overcome Your Fears

“There were a boy and a girl walking to the school to take the most important exam. Each of them had to give a presentation to the whole class. The boy was very calm, he was smiling, enjoying the sunny weather. It looked like he is totally prepared for it, even though he spent just as little time as possible to prepare for his speech. On the other side, the girl was looking terrified. She couldn’t even walk straight, her legs were locked, her eyes were jumping from the one side to another and her forehead was covered with sweat… She repeated her speech for a couple of hundred times before, but she couldn’t deal with pressure and thoughts that she might fail…

Few hundred meters left till the school as girl stopped and asked,How can you stay so calm?

The boy patiently waited this question from the moment they’ve met this morning. “What are you most worried about?“, boy curiously asked.

Uhmm.. I don’t know, probably that I will fail, that I will forget what to say, that others will laugh from me, that they will notice that my hands are shaking…“, girl replied.

You see…“,the boy  looked up into the sky, “you are most worried about yourself… Do you think anyone else is different? All they think about, are themselves too, you shouldn’t be worried about their opinion at all. So as you are worried about yourself, so are they busy worrying about themselves. And no one can achieve success without failing. It’s a part of a plan…” 

Girl smiled. She hugged the boy. It was unexpected, but even a few words can change our thinking about certain things and can help us to overcome our fears.”

Nothing more. No tips. No steps to take. Just a story. A story that came to my head couple of minutes ago.

Whenever you feel bad, you want to quit, just remember – “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

That’s what keeps me alive. Thank you for reading and live your life to the fullest.




About Aidas

College freshman, blogger, open-minded person.
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