What If We Had Wings?

“Have you ever thought of being able to fly? I guess not… What’s the point of thinking about doing it, if you will be able to do it someday anyway… But what if you had wings right now? Would you just fly far, far away? You would have all the freedom you need, could you forget your family, friends, all the bad things, all the good things that happened to you and leave us? Or would you rather fly above us all the time, watching us and how do we live… without you..? I guess neither one… You could just walk on the floor every time you want to… Anyway… I have to sleep right now… Goodnight Max.”

Little girl turned off her bedroom lighting and fell asleep instantly as her young puppy Max were comfortably snoozing besides her legs…



About Aidas

College freshman, blogger, open-minded person.
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