How To Live Your Life?

One tree.jpg“Many people are suffering, many people are killed everyday for no reason somewhere in the world, many people get taken away from their families and that’s the only thing they have… They don’t need any fame or glory… All they want is to be with their loved ones and to live like us, like people who can freely walk onto the streets, talk with each other, who can express their thoughts… And if I’ll ever have to choose where to dedicate my life, even if it’s the only one person that I’ll help, I’ll go for that.. After all, it’s not how much money have you made, it’s how many broken hearts have you fixed.”


About Aidas

College freshman, blogger, open-minded person.
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5 Responses to How To Live Your Life?

  1. Marie Poon says:

    Came from Dota 2 Reddit!
    Your blog is very simple and it’s the way I prefer. Like isn’t a blog somethng of an online diary? Yours is exactly like my diaries many years back.


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