How To Make World a Better Place?

We can’t instantly make our world an amazing place to be for everybody. There is a lot of people who suffer. Lack of food, clothes, money, technologies etc.. But step by step, if every one of us does something, even a small unselfish thing, to help others, our world would become a better place to live.


What can help more if not our donations?

Clothes. Almost everyone of us has a lot of clothes that we don’t wear anymore. There are plenty of options how you can donate your clothes without a lot of work. Just google up closest place where you can bring old clothes and they might become new ones for people who need them really much.

BloodAt least in my town there are plenty of places to do it. Some of them even pays for it, but I’ve never given my blood for money, every time it was for free. And believe me, it doesn’t hurt at all, and if you’ve never given blood before, you don’t need to afraid of anything. It feels good, and after all, you might just save someones life!


It is really easy. Volunteering doesn’t have to consume all of your free time. You can volunteer as few hours as you would like. You can find an organization within your community and there must be plenty of options to choose from. One hour per week and will do so much for the others and it will help improve your mood and self – esteem too!


It’s really sad that there are less and less people who are kind. Don’t be rude, mean, sad. Go out and smile, hug someone randomly. It takes a lot of courage to do it, but they will love it! Compliment someones look, outfit, hair. It’s really simple and easy!

Keep our world clean.

Don’t throw trash wherever you want. There are plenty of trash bins. Don’t let your friends do that too, it’s so easy just to walk few meters where you can find trash bins…


It helps so much and I believe that it is one of the most easiest things to do to improve our world and life. Don’t be that lazy person, just try it. At least once, and you will help the world!

Teach someone how to do something.

Share your skill or talent with someone by showing them how to do something. Not so they won’t bother you with it, but so they can move a little bit towards improved mastery of the world around them. Have patience and respect for the person you’re helping – you’re giving them a gift, not compensating for any lack in their character.

Send someone a message or e-mail out of the blue.

Contact with a person you haven’t seen or talked with for a long time. It will improve their mood and possibly yours.

Plant a tree.

It takes almost no time, and you don’t need to pay a lot of attention to it. It also can be another easy grown plats like lavender, sage, some roses. It will also help bees, because in today’s world their count is dropping really fast.

Don’t. Be. Lazy.

You’ve already watched TV enough for today, a few hours of internet are way too much for a person a day,  so just go out and do things. It will help you, it will help us – the world.

Together, we can make our world a better place to live!



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College freshman, blogger, open-minded person.
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    Lovely thoughts and ideas!

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